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Artists Judging Works of Art

Date: 1916
image: 14 3/8 x 18 7/8 in. (36.5 x 47.9 cm.)
frame: 28 x 35 in. (71.1 x 88.9 cm.)
Medium: lithograph
Credit Line: The Huntington Library, Art Collections, and Botanical Gardens. Gift of Hannah S. Kully
Inscription: Signed in lower center of image in crayon: Geo Bellows Signed in lower right of recto in graphite: Geo Bellows / J.B.B. Inscribed in lower left of recto in graphite: No 5 [strikethrough] Typewritten on label affixed to lower center of frame verso: AESTHETIC / FRAME / DESIGN / fitted and / inspected by ___ / ____ / Date / 1273 East Sixth Street / Los Angeles, CA 90021 213/ 622-3331 Inscribed on label affixed to lower center of frame verso in ink: Gilberto B. / 4/17/90 Typewritten on label affixed to lower center of frame verso in red: WARNING: [bold, underlined] / DO NOT clean [underline] this plexiglas / product with any alcohol - based [underlined] / Use a mild soapy water solu / tion or a plexi glass cleaner / and a soft cloth, only.
Object Number: 2014.30.14
Label Text:Although handled with humor, this lithograph addresses the controversial issue of juried exhibitions. During this period, artists' work often had to be approved by a jury of his or her peers before it would be allowed in prominent exhibitions. Bellows's image suggests the futility of "jury duty," by satirizing his fellow artists who seem either disinterested in the art around them or overly interested in ogling the woman in the large painting near the center of the composition. Many artists, including Bellows and John Sloan, felt that the jury system discriminated against younger artists and sought to do away with it. However, Bellows indicted himself by including a self-portrait as the balding man standing on the far right.
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