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Ten Bamboo Studio Manual of Calligraphy and Painting, Volume 3

The Ten Bamboo Studio collection is a three volume set of early color woodblock prints demonstrating earliest existing examples of color woodblock printing in China and serving as a manual of painting techniques of elements in nature, compiled and published by Hu Zhengyan. This set is the first edition printed from the original blocks around 1633 to 1703. The Huntington's collection has 185 pictorial leaves and 139 calligraphy leaves, making it the most complete example known to exist. The leaves were likely taken apart from their binding in the 18th century, remounted onto heavier backing paper, then put back together in three albums. The Ten Bamboo Studio Collection was purchased in honor of Steven S. Koblik with generous funding from June and Simon K.C. Li, Fong Liu, Mei-Lee Ney, and Anne and Jim Rothenberg.