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Greene & Greene

The exquisite designs of Arts and Crafts masters Charles Sumner Greene (1868–1957) and Henry Mather Greene (1870–1954) are on view in the Dorothy Collins Brown Wing of the Virginia Steele Scott Galleries of American Art. The Huntington’s exhibition, organized in collaboration with the Gamble House/University of Southern California, shows the breadth of the Greenes’ artistic vision. It displays stained- glass windows, lanterns, sconces, lamps, chandeliers, rugs, and andirons, as well as a treasure trove of furnishings, some brought out of storage and some on long-term loan from collectors. The objects hail from more than half a dozen homes (most in Southern California) that the Greenes designed for clients James Culbertson (1902), Jennie Reeve (1903), Adelaide Tichenor (1904), Freeman A. Ford (1906), William T. Bolton (1906), Robert R. Blacker (1907), and others.